Monday, October 7, 2013

Harvest Your Health Bundle: 71 eBooks (over $1000 value) for $37!!

It's that time again folks! Another amazing bundle of eBooks for an unreal price tag. You may remember last winter's sale of 37 books for $37??? Something like that. Well, this one blows that out of the water. For the next 7 days, you'll be able to get 71 eBooks!!!!!??!!!?! for just $37. This is legitimately the best deal I've ever been a part of, and I hope you take full advantage of it.

Here's what you get!!:
71 eBooks of various health-related topics...

  • Cooking and preparing healthy and/or paleo food
  • Natural fertility and motherhood
  • Natural solutions to hygiene and home care
  • Fitness
  • And most importantly to me... life improvement books!! Get that mindset right guys!
3 subscriptions to paleo magazines...
  • Admittedly not my cup of tea, and probably contains biased, cherry-picked, pseudoscience that needn't be followed by most of us. But hey, it's thrown into the bundle. Just be skeptical.
18 discounts to health/nutrition-related websites...
  • Awesome. Worth the price of the bundle ALONE.

Here's some specifics for the books and discounts that I value most. Of course, in a bundle like this, not everything will be useful; that's to be expected. These are the ones I think y'all would benefit most from. Keep in mind, this collection of my picks alone would cost you hundreds of dollars!

E-Books I heartily recommend:
Real Food Hits the Road by Millie - Fantastic guide on how to eat real, healthy food on the go!

The Veggie Book: How to Pick, Prepare and Plate by Danielle Tate, Debra Worth, Sara Shay and Kayla Grey - Everyone needs to know how to pick, prepare, and plate veggies!!

The Vegan Solution by Matt Stone - Not doing well on a vegan diet? It's not you, it's the diet.

25 Intentional Days by Andrew Miller - AWESOME. A comprehensive, easy, guided way to improve your outlook on life and your mindset. This is worth the $37 price tag alone!

Simple Living: 30 Days to Less Stuff and More Life by Lorilee Lippincott - Another life enhancing book. Less is more!

Real Food Kids: In the Kitchen plus videos! by Wardee Harmon & Jami Delgado - Fantastic book about cooking with young kids. Not applicable to my life at this point, but awesome nonetheless!

Natural Cleaning by Katie – The Wellness Mama - Great guide for using natural cleaning products in your home. Better for you, better for the environment, better for the kids. Natural is better all around!

Discounts you should take advantage of:
Squatty Potty!! 25% off!! Yes that's a toilet accessory, and yes it helps you poop! Puts ya in the right squatting position! If you know me in real life, there's a good chance you'll be receiving this from me for Christmas this year. There's no greater gift than happy pooping, that's what I say.

OraWellness (10% off). Great holistic oral health company, I trust their philosophy and products!

Kasandrinos Olive Oil (30% off!!). Fantastic, delicious, the best olive oil you'll find anywhere!

You've got 7 days guys, take advantage of this bundle before it's too late!

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