Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Recipes! Roasted Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes

So I'm trying something new here at The Healthy Cow... recipes!  I don't know why I haven't though of it before.  I'm constantly cooking for myself so why not just document it and share it?  But the recipes I post here will not be the typical recipes you're used to.  Here's the plan...
  1. Most of my recipes will be original, created by me.  If I get the inspiration from somewhere, I'll make note of it.  I don't typically follow recipes anyway.
  2. The food I make is simple, easy, and delicious.  I don't normally make long, complicated dishes.  I don't have time to be in the kitchen that long, and I doubt you do either.  My recipes will be simple and easy to make.
  3. I'd like to share some simple cooking techniques.  I've been a part-time cook for a few years now, in addition to always cooking at home, so I feel like I have some useful knowledge to share.
  4. The recipes will be mostly healthy, probably even paleo, but I'm not going to limit myself in that way.
  5. Overall, I'd like to give everyone a glimpse into what I eat in my day to day life, and to show you how easy it is to make healthy food that tastes good.
  6. I reserve the right to change any of this at any time, even if I decide to scrap the recipe idea altogether and post videos of myself eating entire pizzas.  Who knows, maybe one day.
So without further ado....  I give you Roasted Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes!

Prep time:  5-10 minutes
Cook time:  45 minutes

  • Sweet potatoes:  ~3 lbs
  • Virgin Coconut oil:  ~2-3 tbsp
  • Cinnamon:  A shit ton.  Seriously.  You cannot have too much cinnamon.  Maybe 2-3 tbsp.
  • Salt:  As much as you need.  I probably used about a quarter teaspoon.

I used three different types of sweet potatoes.  The white ones are the best, give them a try!

Your coconut oil needs to be liquid to mix it in with the potatoes, so run some hot water over the jar for a few minutes.  If it's summer time, it might be liquid at room temperature!  In fact, if you open the cabinet and find that the coconut oil is liquid, it officially means summer is has arrived.  AND:  Be sure to use virgin coconut oil for a slight coconut taste.  It's very subtle, but it adds a nice flavor.

Cut them up into bite-size chunks, and mix them in a mixing bowl with the coconut oil, cinnamon, and salt.

Spread them out in a single layer on a baking sheet, and bake at 350 degrees for 45-60 minutes, or until soft.  I usually stir them around halfway through so they cook more evenly, but you don't have to.

Enjoy!  All of them at once!  Oh, and this recipe was inspired by Matteo, who doesn't have a blog or website for me to link to, so I've instead linked him to

If there is anything in particular you guys would like me to do with these recipes, please let me know in the comments!!  I'm very open to suggestions.  I want to reach as many people as possible, so let me know what I can do to make them better or more accessible!


  1. Dang...I can't believe I hadn't thought of recipes either...I'll let you know if I have ideas

  2. Delicious! Never thought of adding cinnamon, thanks!